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Holidays in healthy and sanitized apartments in complete safety, in compliance with sanitary regulations

The virus covid-19 has created many difficulties for everyone especially in daily life so we all had to think about our way of life. In the lockdown period everyone thought about the carefree moments of holidays spent with the family or friends. This is a wish for you , while
it will be our concern to make you spend your holidays in safety and without worries as we will be told by our authorities.

Our agency is ready for the health legal obligations that will be given by the authorities. It has always offered healthy and hygienic accommodation:

  • we have specialized cleaning companies to sanitize and clean the apartments;
  • we provide every change of customer with new anti-bacterial mattress- and pillow covers;
  • on arrival customer will find a cleaning kit with mop that will be replaced at every change.

Above precautions together with those that will be given by the authorities, will be put in place to have safe and clean apartments for all our guests.

If you thought about booking a holiday with us, expect to receive the highest degree of service.
For customer that have already booked and for who want to book, we are thinking of promotions for a carefree holiday.
Below some questions with answers that may be useful to you.

Will the holiday in the apartment be the same?

Why not! It will be like living at home with the opportunity to breathe healthy air due to the beautiful pineforest and the wonderful sea. We want to offer you an excellent holiday and for this reason we never stopped our work even during this difficult period.
We have a team made up of a biologist, occupational physician and the agency manager, who apply all the hygienic and sanitary measures that must be taken.

Healthy safety first. What do you think?

The rules already exist and they are those given by the WHO. We sanitize and supply everything that is necessary.

Customers what they will find?

We must give security to the guests who arrive, that’s why we are ready to adopt all the devices that will be indicated by the authorities.

Will there be a season with increased prices?

We want to reassure those who have booked and who want to book that there will be no price increase, indeed we want to apply lower prices, even if all the measures to be taken lead to a more expensive season.

Will Eraclea Mare beach be accessed this summer?

Yes, the beach works are already starting.

How will service beach be organized this year?

We are waiting to know the rules from the authorities. There will be more space between the umbrellas respecting the mandatory guidelines.

What security measures will there be on the beach?

We are waiting to know the rules from the authorities. Sure there will be more space between the umbrellas, sanitization of the beach, umbrellas, deck chairs, bathrooms.
For our customers we are making an agreement with the beach managers.

Will it be possible to go to the free beach?

Companies that rent umbrellas are waiting to know the rules from the authorities.
We will try to get the possibility from the authorities to enter to the free beach for our customers who do not want paid beach service.

Can I book my holiday now?

Yes, from the 4th of May, day that we are allowed to open, our office will have the following hours: from monday till friday 09.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30, saturday and sunday 10.00 – 12.30 and 14.30 – 18.30.
By phone (+39) 0421 66266,

We are always at your disposal

I’m short on my arrival, how can I cancel?

We advise you to contact us, you can decide whether to postpone or cancel your holiday. If you cancel you receive a voucher of the same amount of the deposit valid for the summer 2021.

I booked my holiday in one of your apartments, a few more months to go before I arrive, what do you recommend me to do?

We advise you to wait before making hasty decisions because we are thinking about promotions.

Can I postpone my holiday by keeping the paid deposit and without additional charges?

Of course, you can change the period of your holiday at any time.

Until when can I cancel my holiday without losing the deposit?

You can cancel up to 10 days before the arrival and you will receive a voucher in the amount of the paid deposit.
However, every single case is considered to try to benefit each of our customers.

Why can’t you refund the amount of the paid deposit since it is a case of major force?

Because this is established by our government according to Art. 88 of low decree n.18 of 2020 and Art. 28 of low decree n.9 of 2020. If you decide to cancel your reservation you do not lose the paid deposit but you can receive a voucher of the same amount valid until 31.12.2021.

If I can’t come on holiday in 2021, can I give up my voucher?

Of course, you can give it to a family member or to a friend.

Are the apartments safe and sanitized?

As we have previously stated, we will take all the measures given to us by the health authorities to make your stay safe.

I haven’t paid the deposit yet, but I want to come on holiday, can I wait any longer?

When our office opens, we will contact you trying to meet your needs, also thinking about our contractual contraints towards the owner of the apartments we rent.

For more info (+39) 0421 66266 or