Sports and outdoor activities

Sailing, horseback riding, and sport for all!

Sailing, horseback riding, and sport for all!

Sports and outdoor activities

Eraclea Mare offers sports lovers plenty of opportunities to have fun and keep fit.


For lovers of sailing, you can rent motor boats and sailboats at the Marina Mariclea, ideal starting point for excursions by boat, or sail regattas in the lagoon of Venice. During the summer, from June to September, you can also make sailing courses for adults and children organized by the Club of the dock Mariclea.


Racing fans can relax by walking on horseback along the paths that wind in the pine forest and the lagoon area and country, or they can make riding programs organized by local riding stables.


For tennis fans near the beach there are tennis courts where are organized tennis courses and tournaments.

Sea and .... sport

Turn your vacation into a sports experience

Turn your vacation into an unforgettable sports experience! Turn your vacation into an unforgettable sports experience with Agenzia Universo! What could be more exciting than taking advantage of the beauty of the sea and nature to do activities you’ve never tried before? Agenzia Universo is pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to make your […]

May is perfect for beach sports

May is the perfect month for beach sports lovers in Eraclea Mare, with a series of top events that will make the resort an exciting and dynamic place to be. One of the highlights of the month will be the passage of the Giro d'Italia, which will attract cycling fans from all over the world. [...]

Playing Padel: the new trendy sport has arrived in Eraclea Mare

Padel sport is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and more and more people are playing it at amateur and professional levels. But what is this sport? In short, it is a variant of tennis, but played on a smaller court enclosed by glass walls and metal netting. This makes the game faster and [...]