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Nature itineraries

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The pine forest of Eraclea: woody fragrances by the sea

Eraclea mare has the title of green pearl of the Adriatic  due to the magnificent pine forest that borders the beach with a lot of pines. The wide beach The wide beach with its small dunes covered with tamarisk form a long strip that extends along the sea for three kilometers.
Questa meraviglia della natura è il frutto delle attività di bonifica che hanno interessato la zona per un secolo e mezzo. Fondamentale è stata la bonifica di Livenzuola, un territorio di proprietà del Signor Marco Aurelio Pasti compreso fra il canale Revedoli e il mare. Fu proprio Pasti a raccogliere i pinoli del pinus italicus nella pineta di Ravenna e a farli seminare lungo il litorale, dando vita alla maestosa pineta che possiamo ammirare oggi.

Itinerari Natualistici Eraclea Mare

The "Laguna del Mort"

The Laguna del Mort is an attractive natural area that stretches between Eraclea Mare and the mouth of the river Piave. It is a seaside lagoon created by the breakdown of the Piave in 1936, as a result of a great flood that affects the last part of the river bed.
Access to the lagoon is located to the right of Mariclea dock, from here you have to go to the mouth of the Piave on foot or by bicycle along a dirt path shaded by pine trees.
Characterized by shallow water with sandy bottoms rich in phytoplankton, the Laguna del Mort is a pristine environment inhabited by a large variety of native plants and animals that make up a real ecosystem.
The fauna is very extensive and includes both fish  (mussels, oysters, crabs, clams, plaice, mullet, sole) and bird (cormorants, egrets, terns, grebes).
The flora is characterized by the presence of halophytic plants, these species grow where the water is salt: the Spartina. Salicornia, the lavender, the inula and obione.
Relaxing  walks cycling and horse riding can reach the most beautiful places and hidden lagoon. Within special huts used to “birding” you can admire the local fauna. For those wishing to know more on the ecosystem of the lagoon, the Environmental Center Limosa organizes guided tours to allow tourists and visitors to learn more about the local flora and fauna. The curious can also visit the exhibition staged at the Territorial Laboratory of Environmental Education Eraclea Mare.

The river Piave

Followingthe bank of Revedoli channel is achieved on the one hand the striking OssiValley, where the channel flows into the Piave, on the other hand a pontoonbridge that leads to Piave. Going along the right bank of the river you can seethe typical river landscape, characterized by the presence of large networkswill balance. If the pontoon bridge you turn left you come to Cortellazzo,where there is a small marina born around doors Cavetta, the canal linking therivers Piave and Sile.

The Venetiancoastline

The coastal Veneta is a waterway linking the rivers and channels parallel to the Adriatic coast. At the time of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, the inland waterways were the pathways through which snaked commercial traffic. These days are the stages crossed by the routes of navigation pleasure, that depart from the docks of Eraclea Mare, Torre di Fine and Brian. It is very picturesque river routes both from the environmental and landscape point of view, both from the historical and artistic point of view.

The landscape of the reclamation

The Eraclea campaigns testify today the important reclamation carried out starting from the end: canals, locks and pumping stations still characterize the landscape of the area. The cultivation of corn, soybeans, wheat, vines and fruit trees are still separated by a grid of ditches often delimited by rows of poplars. Here and there still arise farms and farmhouses, many of which are closed.

Wines and flavors of the Veneto lands

La Laguna del Mort

La Laguna del Mort, uno dei luoghi più suggetistivi di Eraclea Mare. È uno dei luoghi più suggestivi del litorale di Eraclea anche se il suo nome è un po’ sinistro: Laguna del Mort. Il morto è l’ultimo tratto del fiume Piave che, in seguito a una piena del 1935, abbandonò il suo corso artificiale [...]