Linen & Cleaning

Holiday in clean and sanitized accommodation

Hygiene, a priority choice

Agency Universo Vacanze has always been committed to providing its guests with clean and sanitized accommodation.

For a long time we have chosen to outsource specialized cleaning companies to clean our tourist properties.
We always try to offer a hygienically safe place, for this reason we decided to use disposable mattress covers and pillow covers that are replaced by the operators of the cleaning company every change of customer. We also provide a courtesy kit designed for the customer’s cleaning needs. It consisting of a multipurpose microfibre cloth, tea towel, sponge, liquid dishwashing for the basic necessities, bag for undifferentiated rubbish, a toilet paper and a disposable bow for mop.

Since this year, before the Covid 19 emergency, we have equipped ourselves with a powerful ozone machine to sanitize the rooms, the air conditioning system, furnishings and kits inside the apartments.
Our OzonoBio system applied in every apartment at the beginning of the season is able to sanitize and disinfect every environment, with an efficacy of 99,6% in 98% of case, for the whole season. This system breaks down all types of bacterias, viruses and pathogens without leaving any residue in the environment because at the end of the treatment the ozone is converted back into oxygen. This sanitation can be requested for a fee by the customer allergic or willing to stay in a totally sanitized accommodation.